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OH Fashion Nail Files Legs & Heels


Take care of your nails with the beautiful OH Fashion Nail Files Legs & Heels.
The OH Fashion Nail Files Kit will take care of your hands and nails, so they will always look perfect and beautiful.

The OH Fashion Nail File Kit Legs with Heels has many amazing features: they have doubled sided designs, they are waterproof and washable.

The OH Fashion Nail Files Legs with Heels suit all nail types, they can be used for both acrylic and natural nails.

Enjoy stunning nails and brag of your exquisite hands!
Brighten and Polish your Nails with the OH Fashion Nail Files Kit Legs & Heels.


How to Use

Follow these steps to file your nails correctly:

  1. Prepare your nails: wash your hands and dry.
  2. Decide on a nail shape: choose your desired nail shape, oval-shaped nails, square-shaped or almond-shaped nails.
  3. Filing: File the nail in one direction. Do not file backwards and forwards, these will cause breakage.
  4. Cleaning: Wash your hand to remove dust.

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