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OH Fashion Vegan Leather Tote Laptop Handbag, Glamorous Ona


Do you want to be ultra-stylish while also being sustainable? The OH Fashion's Glamorous Ona Vegan Leather Handbag is perfect for all your fashion occasions. Made of synthetic leather, a vegan material, for long-lasting and durable handbags. With its unique Glamorous Ona design, you can match any outfit and be super elegant and classy. A super tote spacious, you can fit all your essentials and even your laptop, so you’re always ready on the go. There is also zipped inner pocket to keep those small items safe.  It's time to impress the world with the timeless OH Fashion Handbag Glamorous Ona.




Durable Material: the OH Fashion super iconic handbag is made with synthetic leather for a long-lasting tote

Vegan Leather: so you can be sustainably fashionable at all times

Timeless Design: perfect for all occasions and seasons. With its unique Glamorous Ona pattern, it’s ideal for fashionistas who want easy-to-pair accessories

Super Spacious: with a spacious interior compartment to store all your things, this handbag is perfect for the modern woman on the go. The inner pocket is large enough to store even a medium-size laptop

Top Handle: the OH Fashion Handbag has a top handle to add an edgy element of style that is perfect for any occasion and easy to carry

Weather Resistant: the OH Fashion tote will never let you down in the rain, snow, or sun. It's made of sturdy materials that can withstand any weather and is available for every season.

Zipper Closure: the designers added a zipper locking mechanism to enhance the handbag's safety and protection



Fabric Material: Synthetic Leather

Color: Dark Brown; Beige; Off-White; Pink

Pattern: Glamorous Ona

Dimensions: 17.5x 4.7x 11.6 inches // 44.5x 12x 29.5 cm

Drop Length: 8.5 inches // 21.5 cm

Weight: 0.56 lbs. // 255 grams

Number of Compartments: 1 interior compartment, 1 inner zipped pocket

Vegan: Yes

Lined: Yes


Fabric Care

Here are few tips for taking care of your OH Fashion handbag:    

Wash your handbag with cold or lukewarm water. This will make sure that the materials stay durable and keep its original color for a longer time.

Do not put the handbag into a washing machine or dryer. This will destroy the fabric as well as ruin its shape. It’s best to wash it by hand.

Air Drying the handbag is the best way to maintain its quality and avoid damages or water spots.


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