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OH Fashion Professional Makeup Brushes Set Mermaid Melody, 6 Pcs


Create the most stunning and elegant makeup with OH Fashion Professional Makeup Brushes Set Mermaid Melody, 6 PCs. The OH Fashion Melody brushes set comes with six charming makeup brushes: a powder brush, a contour or angle brush, a foundation brush, a stippling brush, an eyeshadow blending brush, and a small-angled brush. It is made of synthetic soft hair, with a plastic handle having a stylistic fishtail design. Our product is ideal not only for professionals but also for beginners, giving out a natural look. The OH Fashion makeup brushes are portable due to their travel size, making them ideal for adventures. Organize your makeup look with the OH Fashion professional makeup brushes set mermaid melody.




Vegan brushes: manufactured from cruelty-free, ultra-soft synthetic hair

Perfect for every makeup look: a powder brush, a contour or angle brush, a foundation brush, a stippling brush, and an eyeshadow blending brush, and a small angled brush are all included in this set.

Durable handle: a fishtail handle design made of plastic for long-lasting

Ideal for your adventures due to its travel size

Professional brushes: a hypoallergenic brush for all body types

Multifunctional set includes: 6 pieces of makeup brushes for every makeup look




Brush Material: Synthetic Hair

Handle Material: Plastic

Vegan: Yes

Set includes: 6 mermaid makeup brushes

Dimensions: 5.5x0.8x11 inches // 14x2x28 cm

Weight: 0.29 lbs. // 130 grams



What’s Included

Foundation Brush: this will help you blend out the foundation flawlessly to achieve a natural appearance

Small Angled Brush: the OH Fashion small-angled brush makes it simple to draw tiny, fine lines. It also offers you a great eyeliner and fills out your brows gracefully.

Contour/ Angle Brush: The OH Fashion angle Brush allows for precise contour application.

Powder Brush: This brush is designed with long fluffy bristles that distribute powder on your face evenly with minimal dispensing.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush: This brush lays a uniform coating of color for any eye look, thanks to its tapered head that effortlessly fits the narrow space of your eyelids and incredibly fluffy bristles.

Stippling Brush: this unique OH Fashion brush is designed for liquid foundation application or a tinted moisturizer on the face. It will help you achieve sheer, thin coverage.




How to Use 

Follow these steps on how to use OH Fashion Professional Makeup Brushes Set Mermaid Melody:

Foundation Brush: apply the foundation onto your chin, cheeks, forehead, and Nose Bridge using your fingers. Then, blend the product with a circular motion for a flawless finish.

Small Angled Brush: immerse the brush in the product, then swirl the brush over the eyelid from the eyes' inner corner to the outer corner.

Contour/ Angle Brush: dip the brush head in blusher and glide it just below the jawline. Blend gently in small, circular movements to smooth any rough edges and make the color appear like a shadow rather than a line.

Powder Brush:

  • Swirl the brush into the makeup powder.
  • Gently remove excess product.
  • Rub the brush across your face. 

Eyeshadow Blending Brush: swirl the brush across your eyeshadow and then tap to remove the excess and swirl it across your eyelids beginning of the lash line, then blend towards the brows.

Stippling Brush: immerse the brush tip in the foundation product. Then stamp it lightly repeatedly across your face to create an even distribution onto your facial skin.

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