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Next Stop - Coachella 2023

Next Stop - Coachella 2023

The Coachella festival has been around since 1999, so we must continue the tradition. We are only days away from the biggest music festival of the year. Coachella is a celebration of musical artists from different music genres. Coachella is the time to let loose and enjoy your youth. It is all about leaving stress behind and feeling only one type of pain, the one from your feet after being tired from dancing so much and becoming the last one standing. Youth does not last forever, so grasp onto it, enjoy it, and make the most of it at this year's Coachella.

Keep scrolling down to find outfit ideas and options to dazzle your way through the crowds; even the palm trees will be looking at you. However, although there are many beautiful, sparkly, and extravagant looks out there to try, my one advice to Coachella is to break out of any shell you may have been under and let your most authentic, wildest personality show. At Coachella, everyone embodies themselves without being afraid to show it. If you have always wanted to be the mirrorball at a party and have everyone looking at you in the best way, then put on that outfit you have always wanted because why the hell not? 

You got this, be yourself, give some attitude and fierceness plus tax, and party all day and night at Coachella.


Mirror mirror on the wall Look 

A hundred little broken crystals and mirrors complete one stunning dress. As the mirror on the wall, who is the best Coachella dressed of them all? There is only one correct answer. Duh! It is you! This look is about a galactic queen entering this universe, shining brighter than the shining star.


 Sparkly Powerpuff Bubbles Look

Picture this, bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls went to a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. This look is sexy but chic. Although the outfit is ultimately see-through, it has a fairy tale charm with the details and all the sparkles and rhinestones. It's giving mermaid gone wild, and I'm here for it.


Southern Girls and Sparkles Look

The ideal combination of the iconic Southern girl aesthetic with cowboy boots and cowboy hat mixed with bedazzled strings of rhinestones. With this look, you will not go unnoticed. Throw on a corset, or a dress, get a hat and some boots, and you're done. The key to getting this look is all in the diamonds. The more jewels, the better.


Sexy in Black Look

Where are all my "I only wear black" girlies? This look is perfect if you want to cover up a bit more but still want to show some skin. Wearing pants will make you feel more comfortable while spending the day at Coachella. A matching crop top and pant set is the perfect option to be both a hot babe and a comfortable queen.


A Cowgirl in White

I don't know who made this fashion trend, but the cowboy look goes hand in hand with the festival aesthetic. If you are still deciding what to wear, dress like a cowboy girl, you can never go wrong with this costume because it never has and will never go out of style. You are festival ready as long as a cowboy hat and boots are involved.


Denim on Denim

Denim is the perfect route to take if you want to be dressed up but comfortable. Denim on denim always works. A denim top, shorts, jeans, bathing suit. Anything denim. 


 Best Believe I´m still Bejeweled Look

Make the whole place shimmer with a sparkly silver dress. This look is for girls obsessed with shiny diamonds and glitter, literally me! I advise you not to wear heels to a festival, so wear plain white sneakers or sparkly ones, preferably in silver.


A Chic Ranger 

A fashionable bohemian ranger. This outfit is perfect for this festival since Coachella gives off the desert vibes and dunes. To achieve this look, dress in black, beige, brown, nude, and gold colors. Think about the colors of a desert and add midnight black, big chunky jewelry, a pair of sunglasses, and booties. This gives off the boho look perfect for Coachella.


Denim and Rhinestones

Remember the denim-on-denim comfort and chic look I mentioned? Well, this is a more extravagant version of the look. Denim gives Cindy Crawford, Cowboys, Southern girl, and country superstar. Again, like every other festival look, add rhinestones. The extra shine gives festival girl vibes. 


A Shinny Mirrorball Look

I want you to know, I'm a mirrorball. That's it, thats the look. Become the pieces of a mirrorball and let the spotlight shine on you. 


Which Look is your fave? You must  because it is time to throw your problems aside, stop overthinking and book a ticket to this year's Coachella !


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