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How to use Makeup Brushes

How to use Makeup Brushes - OH Fashion

Makeup is truly an art form. It combines colors and textures applied to a surface to enhance natural beauty. The same way Picasso used his brush set to create art, you will need your brush set to create your masterpiece!

You can go from the most extravagant look to the classiest one, an edgy one, or a soft, natural-looking one.

There are multiple makeup brushes for different purposes. You might find it confusing, but don't worry; it's easier than you think. With the right makeup brushes, you can enhance your look.

Find out what you need to know about makeup brushes in our guide below.

Be prepared to slay!



Powder Brush:

Mostly used to set and touch up your makeup.

Contour Brush or Angled Blush Brush:

 This brush enables precise contour and blush application.

Foundation Brush:

Used to blend the foundation out smoothly, so you can get a natural look. Foundation can also be applied with a blending sponge or with the warmth of your fingertips; however, a foundation brush creates a spotless finish.

Concealer Brush:

 Perfect for spot correction and successfully evening out the concealer.

Angled Brush:

Used to fill out your eyebrows for a more defined shape and darker effect on the eyebrows.

Blending Brush:

Blend, blend, and blend! One of the most essential tips in makeup. Always blend as much as possible. A blending brush will help you soften out any harsh lines after applying the eyeshadow.

Lip Brush:

Perfect for creating a precise and perfectly lined lip.

Eyeshadows Brush:

As the name mentions, it helps apply eyeshadow precisely onto the eyelid.
Angled Shader Brush: used for a softer application of shadow; it is also perfect for brow highlight.

Large Flat Definer Brush:

This brush is ideal for gel or cream eyeliners.

Precision Eyeliner Brush:

If you want to create a killer eye line look, this brush is what you need.


Now, a beautiful set of brushes needs a cute case too. OH Fashion provides a stylish cylindrical case with dazzling designs to store your makeup brushes.

Some include our colored cases in Fantasy pink, midnight black, galaxy purple, and coral blue.

For our Travel sets you can choose between Explore the World London, Rome, Florida, and New York.

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