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Manicure Pedicure Set Splendid Florida, 6 Pcs


No more nail drama. Have your nails on fleek every day with the OH Fashion Manicure Set Pedicure Splendid Florida. Inspired by the palm trees, the OH Fashion manicure set has a unique design so you can store all your nail tools in the trendiest style. Our set contains six sharp, high-quality stainless-steel tools: 2 nail clippers, 1 pair of slanted tweezers, 1 nail scissor, 1 small cuticle pusher, and 1 large cuticle pusher. With our kit you can do your hands like a pro. It's travel size and lightweight, so you can always carry it on the go. Forget about going to the saloon and get the with the OH Fashion Manicure Pedicure Set Splendid Florida.




  • Durable: premium stainless steel nail tools in a soft and sturdy ABS case
  • Professional Tools: saloon quality manicure set so you can do your hands like a pro
  • Unique Styles: specially designed with ultra-chic patterns to upgrade your beauty routine
  • OH Set Includes: 2 nail clippers, 1 pair of slanted tweezers, 1 nail scissor, 1 small cuticle pusher, and 1 large cuticle pusher
  • Portable: compact manicure set that makes it easy to carry all your tools in one place
  • Travel Size: ideal manicure kit for all those beauty emergencies at home or abroad



Tools Material: Stainless Steel

Case material: ABS

Color: Pink; Beige; Black

Pattern: Splendid Florida

Dimensions: 4.1x0.5x2.4 inches // 10.5x1.2x6 cm

Weight: 0.17 lbs. // 76.5 grams


What´s Included

Set includes: 2 nail clippers, 1 pair of slanted tweezers, 1 nail scissor, 1 small cuticle pusher, and 1 large cuticle pusher



How to Use

Follow the steps below for a perfect manicure:

  1. Decide on your nail shape: Oval, square, Squoval, Round, Pointed/Almond
  2. Wash your hands with soap and water, making sure that you remove any dirt or grind from underneath your fingernails. If you´re wearing nail polish, don´t worry about taking it off - It will make it easier for you to file nails.
  3. Thoroughly dry your hands
  4. Clip your nails
  5. File your nails: File from the outside of the nail towards the center of the nail -- going from each side inward, but not going back and forth. Sawing the file back and forth instead of in one direction will tear and break your nails. Use short forward strokes on each side of the nails. Make sure to let the file form your desired shape as you continue filing.
  6. For a curved edge, you need to curve the file, and for a square edge, you need to keep filing it in a flat position.
  7. Be firm but not too forceful when you file your nails. If you apply too much pressure to your nails when you file them, you may damage the nail wall.
  8. If you're going for that perfect smooth nail, start with a rough grit and move towards a fine grit.
  9. File off any uneven pieces with the rougher section of the emery board.
  10. Once you're done filing, you can use the file to remove any excess skin from under the fingernails.


Cleaning & Care

To clean all manicure tools: soak a scrub brush in a bowl of alcohol for 5 minutes to absorb the alcohol, afterward add a small bit of antibacterial soap to your scrub brush, gently in circles brush the tools until completely clean, rinse in warm water to remove any soap and dry with a small paper towel.

To clean the case: dip a soft sponge in soapy water, brush and gently wipe until any stains or dirt are removed.

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