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Which Selling Sunset Character Are You?

Which Selling Sunset Character Are You? - OH Fashion

There is one thing I will always support – strong independent boss women. I encourage every girl and woman out there to be self-reliant and be the leader of their own lives. Women have such a huge impact. I must tell you about this Netflix show that embodies independent women, making money, and not living in the shadow of someone else because the spotlight is right on them. Selling sunset is a reality TV show that showcases the elite real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group who sell the luxe life to affluent buyers in LA. The real estate office consists of Jason and Brett Oppenheim,  twin brothers who pursued their love for real estate and turned it into a top-selling company and a group of beautiful, hardworking fashionistas selling luxury homes in Los Angeles CA.

Every woman in the brokerage is unique and has their personality; some take a stand in the ring while others sit back and watch the show.

So, which one are you?

Let’s take a dive into each one and find who you correlate with.


Christine Quinn

Let's talk about confidence and fierceness – this girl lacks none; she is a boss bitch with a tiger attitude. You do not want to double-cross her. People like Christine are loved or hated, not in between. She has a powerful essence and persona, but she can be very blunt and can come off as aggressive because she is so unapologetic. However, under all her expensive glam and wardrobe, a girl struggled when she was young, but she turned her ashes back into flames, and now there is no stopping her.

She isn't the kind of person who will shy away from lighting a fire, and some people don't like that. She has and still is known as the "villain." However, you will find people who prefer bluntness with no sugar coating it, and if you prefer that yourself, you will probably like or relate to Christine.

If you say it how it is without hesitation, have sarcastic humor and live for fashion. You are just like miss diamonds, known as Christine.

Chrishell Stause

The girl who had nothing to the woman who has it all. Chrishell is a very determined woman. She has faced many challenges, significantly growing up with money issues and public divorce, but she rose through it all looking like a million bucks. Chrishell has her breaking points but does not let them completely break her. She is fun, loves fashion, and prioritizes her friends. She found her voice and is not afraid to show it. She has a loving persona. Although she wants love, health, and success, she also wants it for everyone else.

For a long time, she lived comfortably in the shadow of someone else, but now she realizes she is worth more than being someone's jewel. Chrishell is her person, and she does not need the support of anyone else because she has herself. She dreamed about being a successful woman living the life we all desire. Now she has become that woman she envisioned. She keeps climbing up the ladder, and the views are looking good so far!

Hardworking, strong-willed, kind, and passionate, you have some Chrishell in you if these words describe you!


Emma Hernan

Emma is all about dedication and commitment. She wants to be in control of her life, so she works hard in order to achieve the said dream. Emma is a businesswoman and a real estate agent.

Like many other agents, she is into the fashion world, always rocking matching sets and power suits. She is the definition that a woman can be that boss, and no one can say anything about it.

A prime example of a confident, modern businesswoman, Emma has proven her knowledge of the business world repeatedly.

If you are a businesswoman with a lot of ambition, Emma is your character.


Maya Vander


Maya is the human version of Switzerland. She is unproblematic, and she will not start drama or continue the conflict. If there are flames, she will not be the one to throw more fuel, but she will express her views and opinions on it.

Maya is a working mom; she flies back and forth from Los Angeles to Miami to see her family and continue her career. She is genuine, supportive, and sarcastic.

If you are the one friend in the middle of two trying to ease a heated situation because you know drama is pointless, or if you are a mom balancing your own goals and being there for your family, you are probably like Maya.


Heather Young

Heather is little miss sunshine; her energy always radiates, she is cute and bubbly, and she always wants to make conversation. Heather, like Mary, is very forgiving; she will give you a chance, but she must see development, or else she may not have the energy to continue a friendship or relationship. Heather knows what she wants and works hard to get it.

She is independent and always finds a balance between work and her family. She believes a woman can be a married mom and a hard-working woman. And she lives by that statement every day.

If you look around your friend group and realize you are the positive one who does not take things too seriously, you are the Heather of your group.


Mary Fitzgerald

Mary is one of the OGs in the Oppenheim group; she has a lot of experience and knowledge in her field. She has been through some obstacles with having a kid at a young age and going through a divorce, but she focused more on the good things life brought, and she is a top-selling agent now positioned as the manager of the Oppenheim group office in LA.

Mary is very kind and forgiving; she knows people make mistakes and deserve a second chance. She will help that person get through and lose negativity, but she has her limits, and she knows when enough is enough. Mary might not want to face a situation, but she always shows up.

Have you given someone too many opportunities but still seen something good in them worth giving them chances? Have you had family obstacles but know there is more out there? If you answered yes, you are like Mary.


Amanza Smith

Amanza is a home designer and a real estate agent who has a lot on her plate since she is a single mom of two. She loves her kids and always sacrifices so much for them so they could have the life she only dreamed of.

She always gives the benefit of the doubt and does not listen to others' judgments on someone because she likes to make her opinion.

Amanza is realistic but not pessimistic; she knows to be there for her career and her kids, she has to balance a lot, and that's how it is. Amanza does not complain; even when life shifts unexpectedly, she finds her ground and continues to do everything she sets for herself and her family.


Davina Potratz

Davina is an intelligent woman; not only does she have her real estate license, but she also has a broker one. She aims high and has high standards. Davina went to sell a 75-million-dollar house, the highest-priced house in the Oppenheim group so far. Even if people try to bring her down and do not trust her, she still rises and performs what feels right.

Davina is all about redemption; she left the office but asked to come back; she had a fallout with the other agents but again talked her way into the friend group. Although she could not sell the 75-million-dollar house, she went back to the client and asked for another chance.

She knows what she wants, and she will ask for it without hesitation.


Time to decide!

Are you a Christine or Chrishell?

Do you identify  yourself in Emma or Maya?

Do you relate to Heather or Mary?

Or Perhaps are you more like Amanza or Davina?


 Written By: Andrea Rivas
















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