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Wedding Themes Inspo

Wedding Themes Inspo

Did you tie the knot? Are you wearing an engagement ring from yours truly? Are you finally planning your special day, the one you have been waiting for since you were a little girl? Or are you completely single but love weddings and décor inspo? Perhaps you are not even engaged or have a boyfriend, but you still are looking for ideas for your future wedding day? This blog is a great resource, whether you're planning your upcoming wedding or just exploring what to do when you meet the one.

When you plan your wedding, you can make it your own and have it reflect your personality and the love you share with your partner. Each of us is unique, with our own likes and perspectives; you should choose a theme that reflects this to be your truest self on your wedding day. Maybe you were a Disney princess in a previous life or a fairy in a mystical garden, or perhaps you are drawn to diamonds and roses, or you are drawn to the ocean and the sand, or maybe you like the dark and gothic? You may find inspiration in Dracula's mansion. You can make your wedding anything you envision.

This list of themes represents every unique aspect of what every woman in our world embodies or finds fascinating. 

I hope every woman has the chance to have the wedding of her dreams with a respectful, loving person standing at the altar as you make the most important commitment of all time, "till death do us part."


A Whimsical Garden 

This wedding decor theme is about creating a romantic, dreamy aesthetic reminiscent of a fairytale, using nature's beauty all around with the rough surface of wood, the shades of green from leaves, and the colors of the flowers. It represents the beauty nature provides, from the texture to the scent tied together with love from the partners.

 To create this whimsical garden feeling, incorporate as much green and brown as possible, stay away from neon or very dark colors, and only use nature's color palette. Be imaginative and creative as the characters in a children's book. It is all about a feeling.


Gothic Amore

For those who gravitate to the "dark side," this is the wedding theme you have searched for. Create an enchantingly elegant gothic amore wedding theme. Most weddings are all about white and bright colors. However, break free of the ordinary and showcase your inner goth queen and Dracula energy. Your wedding is all about you, so if you are a dark queen, embrace it and throw the biggest vampire decadence to date.

For the gothic theme, incorporate black, red, and dark purple. Decors, such as red roses and skulls, are necessary. Keep light to a minimum and use candles to enhance the mood while keeping a dark ambiance.


A Glamours Evening

You know how people say, "less is more," not in this theme, honey, because in a glamorous wedding, "more is more." This wedding décor is all about the "wow" factor, and it never settles for anything else than everything. It is about the glitter and shimmer, the diamonds and flickering lights, the princess and prince vibes, and the jaw-dropping moment. It is the definition of luxury, glitz, and an extravagant affair all at once.

Typically, the best place to hold a glamorous wedding is at a palace or castle—something resembling royalty. Think back to the kings and queens. Picture how they lived amongst the gold, diamonds, jewelry, silk, candlesticks, and chandeliers. Nothing is less than spectacular, and the standards are high like the diamonds in the sky.

Consider yourself majesty in your own royal dream.


Drawn to the Sea

Incorporate the breeze of the wind, the feel of the sand, the smell of the salt, and the sound of the waves as it meets the shore with a beach wedding. Everyone is drawn to something, maybe you have not yet figured it out, but there is always a place our heart feels more calmly than anywhere else in the world. It is the one place you feel it calls you, and it is hard to resist the urge to go. For many people, the one place their heart desires is by the ocean. If you are one of those who the water is part of who they are, then celebrate your love by the sea.

In comparison to the garden wedding, nature will be your décor. Décor is always beautiful, but in this case, the one that will steal the show is the incomparable sight of the ocean that seems to have no stopping point, and that line where the skies meet the sea will be the spotlight alongside you and your love.


An Icy Winter 

Snow has an elegant and alluring charm to it. An icy winter wonderland represents delicacy and artistry. The different shades of white and blues create a bright and calming ambiance. When I was a little girl, I read about an angelic, delicate, fascinating ice queen in a castle made of crystals and ice sculptures. With an Icy winter theme, you can become the ice queen in every fairy tale. 

This theme is a luxuriously enchanting and whimsical portrayal of a snowcapped, icicle wonderland. Think back to winter, the magical feeling as the very first fall of snow glistened as it fell. Honor this moment and integrate it into your meaningful day.


There used to be just I. Now there is You and I. 

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