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Ways to Change Your Look

Ways to Change Your Look - OH Fashion

If you are anything like me, you like change. I constantly change my style, my room décor, literally everything. I frequently like to be and look different. Even small changes can make a big difference.

If you want to find ways to change you look but do not want to dye or cut your hair, here are some ideas to mix it up and try something new that is simple but definitively noticeable.

I have tried all these, and my appearance has slightly changed while still being myself!


Try New Eyeliner Shapes Techniques

Try new ways to do your eyeliner and wing makeup, from the classic cat, thick mad, double-winged, to a more dramatic wing with thicker ends. Different eyeliner looks can drastically change your eye shape resulting in a new look every day.


Experiment New Hairstyles

You can notice a big difference in how someone looks by changing their hair. A new hairstyle will change your appearance every day. Try not to always wear your hair down or up in the same styled ponytail.

Shop for cute hair accessories, like pins and clips, and watch easy hairdo tutorials. Or use hair tools such as straighteners, wave wands, or my favorite tool - curling irons to play with your hair every day!


Add Color!

Are you someone who always sticks to black and white outfits? Don’t get me wrong, black and white clothing is exquisite, sophisticated, and sexy, especially all black. However, if you want to spice it up, throw in some color to make you stand out.

Strong colors like red, dark blue, or bright pink will turn you into a statement. Sticking to the same color palette is good, but we only live once. Be bold and add color to your style. Tell them how it is with your new look!


Clip in Some Hair Extensions

One of the lives’ greatest inventions is hair extensions. Hair extensions give you the ability to get longer layers and style your hair in different ways that perhaps will be harder to do with short hair. They are easy to use, come in multiple colors, and are comfortable on the head.

From personal experience, I never felt mine at all, and I got that beautiful mermaid hair in minutes. There is simply no limit! If you don’t have long hair! Fake it, cause why not?


Take Care of Your Skin

Skincare is critical. If you do not take care of your face, who will? It is the one thing that everyone sees first. You always want to show your beautiful face. A way to look more different is to improve your skin. It is key to protect yourself from the sun, eat healthy, stay hydrated, take off your makeup at night and use a cleanser to wash off any left product.

You’ll get that clean girl, dewy, radiant look with healthy-looking skin.


A New Look While Still Being You!

Written By Andrea Rivas

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