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Vanity Organization Ideas

Vanity Organization Ideas

An aesthetically pleasing, organized, clean, and tidy vanity. Does that sound like a dream? Cause it is possible. When organizing a vanity, it is not only about making it look stylish, but also about being able to access all your makeup, hair, and body products quickly, so you can get ready on the go. It will likely take longer to prepare if you have your belongings disorganized and scattered around. It is also possible that you won't even use all the products you own since they get lost, and you will forget about them.

People often assume that organizing is a difficult process and takes so much time. However, it is not always the case. You can find multiple organizers at affordable prices in different shapes and sizes. Many are available at Target, Walmart, Ross, Bed Bath and Beyond, and The Container Store; the list is endless. You'll have an organized area with no clutter if you store all your makeup products, such as makeup palettes, lipsticks, sunglasses, brushes, and even jewelry. I use these products myself, and I am very pleased with the results. Your vanity will transform from a hot mess to one that resembles Sephora's beauty counter.

I recommend using clear and transparent containers for your products. Do not get me wrong; I love patterns and colors. If the container is closed, some products might not be visible, so they might not be used. As the products themselves have a lot of colors, you don't want your vanity space to look too busy from all the colors. The use of clear containers will enhance your products and make them more accessible at all times.

Find some containers you think will be helpful to you, and organize your makeup oasis.


Lipstick Storage 

There are multiple containers available to organize your lipsticks. However, ever since I found this one, it has remained my favorite organizer by far. Every lipstick is visible and provides quick access while displaying the different shapes and colors of each lipstick tube.


Lipgloss Storage


I prefer to separate my lipsticks and lip-glosses. They often come in different shapes and having one container with lipstick containers of different sizes breaks the aesthetically pleasing vibe and does not appear as organized. This storage is the perfect storage solution for lip-glosses, as there is plenty of room for many while each one can be seen clearly.


Makeup Palettes Organizer

By organizing your makeup palettes in rows, all palettes will be visible in contrast to just stacking them in a drawer or makeup box. The ones at the bottom will be harder to reach without having to take one by one out. And some of your products will not be used since you will likely just use the ones on the top since those are the ones you see at first glance.


Hair Clips/ Accessories 


Do you ever feel like your hair clips and hair ties always decide to run away? Cause mine just keep disappearing. This storage was my solution. By doing this, you can see all your accessories and prevent the small pieces from getting all over your room, out of reach.


Makeup Brushes Holder

Organize your makeup brushes with this stylish cylinder case. I love this Vintage London case; it is the perfect addition to your vanity. You can keep it open with two compartments, or you can close the top to protect your brushes and keep them clean. There are a variety of designs and colors available for makeup brush holders at OH fashion.


Sunglasses Case

Bring the sunglass hut to your bedroom and showcase your shady shades! The sunglass storage keeps sunglasses organized and protects them from getting scratched. 


Qtip Holder

4 Pack Qtip Holder Dispenser for Cotton Balls, Cotton Swabs, Cotton Round Pads, and Floss. You can keep all your hygiene products in one place and it looks cute at the same time.


Jewelry Box 

 A jewelry box allows you to organize your collection better. More importantly, serious jewelry lovers appreciate that the primary purpose of a well-crafted jewelry box is to separate pieces, preventing them from damaging each other.


And voila! Your vanity is an aesthetically pleasing organized heaven. Getting glammed up never looked so good. 



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