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Tips To Take Your Own Pictures

Tips To Take Your Own Pictures - OH Fashion

If there is an opportunity to take a picture, know I'm next in line. Let's say that you decide to explore on your own; time to be independent. You have a cute outfit; you spend hours doing your hair and makeup, the spot is gorgeous. It has an ambiance and aesthetic you can't resist. You want to capture that perfect moment, but no one can take some cute pictures of you. Also, don't get me wrong, selfies are awesome, but you also want to show your clothes and everything else.

If you ever struggle to take some good pictures, here are some tips to get a perfect photoshoot on your own.

First, I recommend getting a phone stand or selfie stand found at Amazon, Walmart, or even Target. They are affordable, foldable, and easy to hold.

Second, install this perfect app for taking photos. It is called Lens Buddy. It is free and has unlimited use.
Lens Buddy is a simple yet powerful timer camera app that will take pictures of you and your loved ones without the need to press buttons or even hold the device. Set your desired time interval between the shots and let the camera roll! Leave your Bluetooth clicker home and do your photoshoot!

If you forget your phone stand, the best thing to do is notice your surroundings. There is always a place where you can set your phone! Just pay attention to detail!


 1. A Cold Day In Bryant Park 

For example, in this picture, I sat on top of the stairs at Bryant Park in New York. I did not have my phone stand, so I set my jacket behind my purse and laid my phone in front of the purse for support. I set the lens buddy app to take photos every five seconds and took those cute Insta pics!

For poses ideas:

  • Look at the camera
  • Look around your surroundings
  • Play with your clothing
  • If you have a hat, hold it, or grab your jacket
  • Play with you camera
  • Move your hair
  • Keep your hand busy
  • Look natural
  • Have fun!

Be confident! You will get the best photos if you feel confident and beautiful!


2. Wall Street Walk

A nice walk around Wall Street, a picture is a must! I used my phone stand to get this shot. I found a spot with good lighting, and I set the timer to at least 10 seconds between each image, so I had time to move around without getting blurry pictures. Take as many photos as you want. It is better to have many options, change your poses, flip your hair, and smile, or look serious, depending on what attitude you want to showcase in the final image.

Clothing tip: a little secret, I had a jacket with me this day, but I did not want it to show because I wanted to focus on my outfit. However, I had no place to leave it, and I did not want to put it on the floor, so I tried to pose in a way I was holding it, but it won't show, and it was not noticeable. I grabbed my purse with one hand and hid the jacket behind me with the other arm! So, if you do not want something to show but can't find a place to set it, trust me to try to hide it. It works.


Take your time! The perfect shot will exist. It just may take a little time!


3. A Sunset Blazer Moment

Do you ever have that one person who always takes your photos but somedays won't bother because they get completely sick of you? Well, that's my mom. So you must take your pictures; however, I did not have my phone stand on this day, but I loved the blazer, and the sunset was the perfect golden color. It was like that one Harry Styles song. I had to take a shot.

I found a plant pot and set my phone on the side. Again, I used lens buddy and started posing, playing with my boots and blazer. I overall like the composition of this photograph. I tried to be in the middle having the buildings on one side and more space on the other side of the picture.

Experiment with your poses! Be different and find new poses you like! 

4. Nature Appreciation 


I had an A from Pretty Little Liars moment with the black hood and all-back outfit for this nature appreciation moment. The sky was the perfect blue, and it was the perfect day in Florida. I went outside to my backyard, set my phone on the selfie stand, opened the lens buddy app, and here is the outcome!


Lighting is essential. Avoid harsh lights, especially the sun!


There is a model living inside every girl! It is time for her to shine 

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