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Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Outfit Ideas Part 2

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Outfit Ideas Part 2

 A few Midnights ago, I left the recollection of looks and aesthetics from every Taylor Swift Era in The Eras tour costumes inspo part 1. Today we continue down memory lane and pick up in a dark era called Reputation.

The Eras Tour has just kicked off, and we must match an iconic show with an iconic outfit. Come on, we are about to hang out with Taylor for the 3 hours on tour. Meet her at midnight and find out which era you will become.

Some fans have been planning their costumes for weeks, but are you like those who do not know what to wear? You want it to be iconic but need to know what route to take.

Maybe embrace your boss snake revengeful queen and let your bad Reputation live for one night only. Or find pink butterflies and look for a Lover? Perhaps French braid your hair and wear your favorite cardigan. However, you might meet Taylor at midnight as you make the whole place shimmer.


Here are the next five Eras outfit inspiration: 


"My Reputation's never been worse, so you must like me for me" – Reputation Era


Are you ready for it? Because in this new chapter, the light met darkness in the Reputation era. This era is all about revenge and karma inside a snake pit. 

The Reputation Reign is edgy, sexy, dark, and mysterious; it's simply iconic. Reputation girl is quite simple; think black, snakes, sequins, and that will be the endgame.

The Reputation Era will rise up from the dead to turn heads and make sins; Oh! Look what you made me do!

Spend the night dancing with your hands tight as some say you did something bad. However, don't blame me for what Reputation made me.


"Darling You're my Lover" – Lover Era


After the rain comes the rainbow, Taylor leaves her 20-year dark night behind and found a new fantasy of butterflies, cotton candy, cats, and a once-in-a-lifetime lover. It is a complete shift from snakes and receipts. Taylor found peace after the chaos.

This Era is all about fantasy pink, pastel colors, candles, love letters, pink and blue hair, and much glitter. If you are a sucker for love songs, poems, and a hopeless romantic, then Lover is your Era.

To become a Lover girl wearing a ton of pink is a must. Think diamonds, hearts, stars, glitter, heels, and a whole lot of sparkles and sequins.

Find Daylight and meet me in the afterglow as we head to Cornelia Street with the Lover look.


"Our love turns into Folklore" – Folklore Era 

As more isolated covid days arrived without an end to them, Taylor fell into an imaginary world. She sat at the piano and transported herself to different worlds. Places where characters lived as she created their narratives, stories, and endings. Taylor put on a cozy cardigan, sat by a window in a warm cabin, and pictured the story of James, Betty, and Augustine and many souls lost in love and heartbreak.

The Folklore era is about running in a forest alone in a flowy dress and cardigan barefoot, chasing an invisible string while reminiscing about the one and mirrorballs. A folklore girl is simple, sweet, innocent, creative, lonely, curious, and loves being cozy.

To achieve this look is very simple, wear little to no makeup to create a radiant, youthful look, wear your hair in two messy low buns, or let your hair fall naturally, not polished and slicked. Just your natural hair is perfect and wear flowy flower dresses, very cute and simple and don't forget to add that old cardigan under someone's bed. 


"This pain wouldn't be for Evermore" – Evermore Era 

The imaginary world did not come to an end. Long story short, she flipped to a new chapter. Evermore is Taylor’s twin album to Folklore. It is a continuation of tales and promises.

This new era is about champagne problems and closure, happiness, and willow trees. In contrast to her previous era, Evermore keeps the simple essence of Folklore while adding some color using the famous flannel jacket from the cover.

To create the Evermore girl, wear cute simple dresses, brown cardigans and pants, long witch capes, blouses, and overalls dresses, with boots and a fishtail braid. Be a cowboy like me and represent Evermore.


“All of me changed like Midnight rain” – Midnights Era



After all those eras, we come to the present and arrive at a point in time starting at Midnight. We opened our eyes; the world was dark. We saw one number on the clock; time struck twelve. Every Midnight we find and lose ourselves. We lay wide awake, staring at the ceiling listening to the midnight rain as it drops on the cold ground. Midnights are silent and lonely but somehow free. The Midnights era is about experiencing every emotion you have ever felt when the world is at its quietest, the streets are empty, and the light is nowhere to be found.

The Midnights era is all about feeling bejeweled during those times when all the people you have ghosted stand there in the room, is about being stuck in a lavender haze without the desire to find a way out, about staring directly in the sun instead of in the mirror, about vibing with karma and the sad and wonderful truth of being on your own. Midnights is a sad but euphoric time. It is hopeful and miserable, and somehow that is all okay.

To become Midnights, wear a lot of sequins, stars, sparkles, jewels, diamonds, crowns, and glitter, and incorporate blue and lavender. We survived the Great War, and now it's time to dance all night while other people try to change your mind, but they can all get in line because we are bejeweled tonight.


Find your identity and let's dive into ( literally) The Eras Tour. 


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