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Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Outfit Ideas Part 1

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Outfit Ideas Part 1

Every midnight that passes, every time the clock strikes twelve, we become one day closer to the long-awaited return of songwriter queen Taylor Swift.

The Eras tour, combining a piece of every era from her career, kicks off in less than a week. We counted days, and we counted miles to see her there, and we are officially in a single digits countdown. But honestly, who's counting (one, two, three)

Some fans have been planning their costumes for weeks, but are you like those who do not know what to wear? You want it to be iconic but need to know what route to take.

I have been stuck deciding what Taylor Era to become. Me, of course, being obsessed with all her albums and aesthetics, it takes time to choose just one. I mean, she has ten albums! And all her eras are entirely different from one another.

Am I going to be a country girl, a Fearless girly, or more enchanted vibes like Speak Now? Perhaps I'll drown myself in the color Red and be a sad girl autumn girl, or I should be a 1989 pop princess and live it up in New York City with a matching top and a tight little skirt, maybe embrace my boss snake revengeful queen and let my bad reputation live for one night only. Shall I find pink butterflies and look for a Lover? Or French braid my hair and wear your favorite cardigan under someone's bed. However, I might meet Taylor at midnight as I make the whole place shimmer.

But what if I told you I'm a Mastermind as I give you some ideas as you choose your identity for one night only as you dance all night with Taylor at the shiniest bejeweled ball of the century.


1. "When you think Taylor Swift, I hope you think of me" - Debut Era

This is the birth of a new artist, a country girl with cowboy boots and curly hair.
This era is all about natural, girly beauty. Taylor wore cute little short dresses with cowboy boots. She wore little to no makeup and always wore her hair curly.  

Outfit: Girly dresses - patterns, flowers, stripes, feathers.
Hair: Super curly.
Makeup: Dewy, fresh, glowy, no-makeup - makeup look.
Jewelry: Long keychains, beaded bracelets, dangly earrings.
Shoes: Mandatory cowboy boots - preferably in black or brown.


2. "In a storm in my best dress, Fearless" – Fearless Era

Swift's second album, Fearless, keeps the essence of the country roots and style while adding sprinkles of many sequins and sparkles. She is in her princess era, looking for a Romeo as she dreams of her love story, screaming you belong with me.

Three Fearless looks:

Romeo save me look: In her hit song and music video Love Story Taylor becomes Juliet from Shakespeare's most famous work. To be part of this aesthetic dress with simple, delicate white dresses, corsets, headbands, and tiaras. Just think, princess.

Junior Jewels: If you know, you know. If the other girls typically wear short skirts and you wear t-shirts from the bleachers, be comfy, and wear the iconic junior jewels pajamas, and write I LOVE YOU on a secret note.

Fearless Tour: All you need are a fringe trim 1920's inspired flapper dress and black knee boots. Make it sparkly, make it glittery, add boots, and voila.

3. "They said Speak Now" – Speak Now Era 

The story continues as an enchanting new fairytale begins. Taylor’s Speak Now era is very theatrical. Mostly known to wear short sparkly dresses with black knee boots, picture the great Gatsby going to Nashville.

During this era, the iconic drawing of her lucky number is born. Taylor starts drawing a green 13 on her hand every night before performing and writing with black sharpie lyrics to songs down her arm.


4. "Loving him was Red" – Red Era


The fall season came bringing Taylor's sad girl autumn album called Red. In this era, she started to straighten her hair, wearing a lot of black, white, and of course, the color of love and heartbreak - Red. She lets her vintage soul shine with this new era by wearing vintage dresses and black shorts with white blouses. I don't know about you, but make sure you never forget to add red lipstick cause you know loving was red.

However, suppose you love red but love sparkles and rhinestones. In that case, you can always be the circus master from the closing of the Red tour; Taylor ends the show by singing We are never ever getting back together while wearing a circus ringleader costume dazzled in red stones.

Another way to represent Red if you want to be comfortable is to make fun of your exes while feeling 22 because nothing is going on at the moment except the biggest concert of the century, so wear the iconic 22 music video look.  


5. "I could dance to this beat forevermore" – 1989 Era


1989 is Taylor's I'm happy I'm single; I just moved to New York, I cut my hair, I feel free and young, let's party and shake off haters era.

The 1989 tour feels like a broadway show full of lights and confetti. This era represents feeling euphoric while being on your own.

1989 is all about becoming a pop princess in tight little skirts and that red lip classic thing that he likes. This era has a lot of sequins and a lot of colors. From matching sets to thigh-high boots all covered in glitter and diamonds.



Wait a couple more midnights to continue down memory lane throughout the Eras. The next stop will start with a dark era known as Reputation...

Come back for part 2!

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