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Taylor Swift ‘The Eras Tour’

Taylor Swift ‘The Eras Tour’

After five years, Taylor Swift will return to the stage after announcing her long-rumored return to the road on Tuesday morning, surprising fans with "The Eras Tour" scheduled to hit stadiums starting March 2023.

Although this tour will be a nostalgic road down memory lane since she is revisiting her past work and eras, the ones that made it all happen for her. The tour will also introduce and welcome her brand-new work. Ever since Swift last toured for the "Reputation Stadium Tour" in 2017, she has released Lover, FolkloreEvermore, her recently released album Midnights and not forgetting her re-recordings of Red (Taylor's version) and Fearless (Taylor's Version.)

New eras will collide with previous periods creating a kaleidoscope of snakes, butterflies, cardigans, stars, neon signs, princess gowns, guitars, cowboy boots, and vintage clocks.

As we leave Covid days behind, we step into a road we all longed for and did not know when it would return; Taylor's fans, known as Swifties, wondered for many long nights when she would celebrate her work in the presence and the eyes of the fans who have supported through her career. All those times wondering paid off since a new age carrying previous eras is here to stay.

After the release of her brand-new album, a journey through thirteen sleepless nights, titled "Midnights," fans were left hungry, wanting more, since Midnights had the biggest week for any album since 2015. Billboard announced Monday that for the first time in history, all 10 slots of the Billboard Hot 100 were filled by a single artist's songs, all songs belonging to Midnights. However, her fans did not stop there since nearly 1.6 million album units registered for Midnights, 1,140,000 were copies purchased in the form of the full album. It became Swift's fifth album, out of her 10 original studio releases, to sell million-plus copies in the first week. The figure also represented the best first-week sales for an album by any performer since Reputation came out of the gate with 1,216,000.


This tour will undoubtedly be an emotional rollercoaster. Throughout her career, Taylor has reinvented herself repeatedly. Initially singing about falling in love as a country girl with long curly hair. After that, we have a pop queen living her dream life in New York, only for herself in 1989. Afterward, she plunged into a dark period in which she fell along with her reputation. As she found love amid chaos, she woke up from a twenty-year dark night into daylight, feeling and seeing life through the eyes of love, as she did in Lover. However, as the world got quiet and went through a time of isolation, Taylor found herself in an imaginary world of love and heartbreak as she told the tales of many complex characters in Folklore and Evermore. Now, she got in a car and went for a long drive in the middle of the night, revisiting those nights she spent tossing and turning being hunted by ghosts and memories past in Midnights. "The Eras Tour" will combine her life, work, and memories of the most beautiful, cruel, happy, chaotic, enchanting, and reflective times. Memories turned into songs from albums to now her legacy. The legacy which will get the spotlight it deserves next March for her once-in-a-lifetime experience known as "The Eras Tour."


My Wallet: Hey what's the problem? Where is my money? 

Me: Taylor tickets took all my money!



Taylor Swift's albums:

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Fearless (Taylor's Version)

Red (Taylor's Version)



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