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Spring Makeup Looks

Spring Makeup Looks - OH Fashion

We are ready for Spring makeup looks to come back in full force. Winter is gone now; it is time for your skin to shine as bright as the sun. Get that cute, and delicate spring look. Running out of ideas for makeup looks this Spring? I got you covered because I found the perfect makeup looks to turn heads this upcoming Spring.

Get some makeup palettes, our professionals, and cute makeup brushes, and have fun creating your version of these 5-spring makeup looks.

Scroll on for all the makeup ideas we’ve added to our saved folders.
We are starting off the list with my personal favorite.

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1. Sunset Eyes

One of the most magical times of the day – is sunset. The last ray of sun before the moon takes over the sky. Sunset eyes are an eye-catching makeup look.


  1. Prime your lids
  2. Create a light base
  3. Add depth to your sunset
  4. Shade your under-eye area
  5. Highlight your inner corners and eyebrow bones
  6. Blend where your shadows meet to create a seamless gradient effect
  7. Create a wing tip
  8. Add mascara or false lashes

Time to go out!

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Your eyes will love you!


2. Pink Paradise Eyes

Pink eyes are the definition of Springtime – you can never go wrong with a gorgeous shimmery pink eyeshadow look. Make your eyes pop and bring out the girly side with these simple steps. 

  1. Prime your lids
  2. Create a light base
  3. Add a pastel pink all over your eyelid
  4. Blend it out
  5. Reach for a hot pink shadow to go on the outer third.
  6. Continue to blend the two colors to erase any harsh separation between the shades
  7. Create a wing tip to enhance the eye
  8. Add mascara or false lashes

Blink away those haters with those eyes!


3. Baby Blue Eyes 

Match the perfect spring sky with baby blue eyes. Blue eyes are making a comeback, it is time for you to try it!


  1. Prime your lids
  2. Create a light base
  3. Line your eyes and entire lid using a light blue liquid eyeliner
  4. Gently pat a baby-blue, matte eyeshadow all over your lids
  5. Sweep a layer of the same eyeshadow along your bottom lash line
  6. Line your eyes using a gray cream shadow and an angled brush. This will further define them since the pigment is so light
  7. Finish off with a few coats of black mascara

Cold but Sweet!

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