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Spooky Season Autumn Inspired Nail Designs

Spooky Season Autumn Inspired Nail Designs

Fall is a time for everything to change, including your nail designs. There will always be a place for deep wine color nails, but this season, try some unexpected fall nail designs. Autumn nails can be decorated with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. The designs range from pumpkins to fallen leaves, classic black, and orange and burgundy shades. And, for horror fans, blood-dripping nails that Michael Myers would certainly approve of. 

Hands are used every single second of every single day, so why not make them cute and match the season of hot drinks and blankets?

Throughout this world, there are many places where you can let your creativity run free. There is creativity everywhere - even at the tip of your fingertips - literally. There are many routes to take in deciding what color nails we want this Fall. What design or pattern will I want? Should I make it spooky or keep it in the autumn theme? Don't worry, we are still in the midst of the fall season, and it's never too late to try something new or to change something up. Remember honey, nothing is permanent in this life, so your nail designs can change at any time!

These are the fall nail trends you don't want to miss.


A Pumpkin Patch

This nail design honors a lovely day at a pumpkin patch. A mixture of Forest green, nude/beige, gold sparkles, and a pumpkin design.


Living in Shades of Orange

A fun swirly design to match the most popular color of fall; if you said orange, you are indeed correct!


Chocolate French Tip  

A classic, sophisticated French Tip with a twist. Add a rich chocolate brown shade instead of traditional white, and there you have it, a stunning, minimalist look for the cooler days.


Mr. Jack Skellington 

Let's give a moment to one of the most popular Halloween and Christmas films of all time - The Nightmare Before Christmas. Bring your skeleton spirit to life with this spooky chic design. 


Autumn Patters 

 Mix and match the different shades and patterns of fall. 


Fallen Leaves  

A combination of beige and golden fallen leaves splattered across your nails. 


 Fall Claws

Bring out your claws with sprinkles of glitter and golden beads.


 Friday the 13th Queen

A bloody nightmare, or dream? Blood-dripping-inspired nails are the perfect accessory for this Halloween.


 Classic Witch 

It is sometimes good to stick to the basics and keep it simple while being iconic. Classic black nails symbolize the Wicked Witch, the main character this season.


Pumpkin Spice

More pumpkin designs because why not? Pumpkins are the star of the show this season. Let the spotlight on them and rock this nail design because if this does not scream fall aesthetic, I don't know what will.  


I can't talk right now! Leave a message at the tone! I'm getting my nails done!



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