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Travel Packing Hacks

Travel Packing Hacks - OH Fashion

The idea of embarking on a new adventure always sounds like the perfect dream, but the idea of packing sounds like the worst nightmare. Take it from me; packing can seem like the world's end. What or what not to bring? Will I have everything I need? Did I overpack? Will my bag be too heavy? My clothes do not match! These are all questions I always ask myself before my little getaway.

I love fashion and accessories; I love having the perfect outfit, especially while on vacation. If it was up to me, I need at least two to three suitcases to carry all my clothes, shoes, and purses. I'm like the Kardashians, I like to plan my outfits to the core and never wear the same thing twice while on holiday.

I always overpack and sweat before weighing my suitcase at the airport while waiting for the number on the scale. However, over the years, I have found ways to enhance my packing experience in more approachable ways that save me the one thing we can never get back – time!

Do not freak out any longer, and follow these hacks to pack your cute outfits.


Plan your Outfits in Advance 

When you select your outfits ahead of time, you avoid overpacking too much clothing that you will never wear and will take up unnecessary space.


Roll your Clothes

There are a few ways to pack your clothes, but many people swear by rolling their clothes instead of folding them, which keeps creasing to a minimum.


Organize with Packing Cubes

Packing cubes help you organize your luggage by separating and organizing your items in multiple mesh bags. It features smooth material to ensure that your clothes don’t get creased.

The material is pliable and flexible enough to mold your clothes, so it can fit a lot more than it seems!


Coordinate Purses

Coordinate what purses to wear with every outfit so you don't overpack or end up guessing. I recommend always bringing a black and a white purse. Since black and white match with any other color, you always have a purse to match your outfit and can use it over and over.


Pack Outfits Together

Upon deciding what you will wear, pack the outfits together, for example, a tank top, jeans, and a sweater, fold each piece, and stack the outfits together in the luggage.

This method makes it easier when you are unpacking and keeps everything organized. Furthermore, it helps you visualize the clothes you are bringing. It is more visible to see how many items you have packed versus how long you will be away.


Keep Shoes in Plastic Containers/Bags

Maintain your clothes and luggage clean and save space by using one or two large plastic bags for your shoes. It prevents shoes from getting scattered across your luggage and keeps them in one place.


Pack Items Within Other Items

Packing smaller items within larger ones can be a helpful way to save space. For instance, if you are packing a backpack, place smaller purses inside. That way, everything is together. Aside from handbags, include items like scarves, socks, underwear, and anything else that are small and soft.


Flat-Lay Jewelry Holder


Bring your bling in a flat-lay jewelry holder, this type of jewelry holder is easier to pack and takes up less space than regular jewelry holders.

All Packed? Now is time to fly!


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