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Meet me at Midnight - Taylor Swift's new album announcement

Meet me at Midnight - Taylor Swift's new album announcement

If there is a burden you have been carrying, it will remind you when the world is dark outside, the things that we go through in the day, end up haunting you at night. Some experience a nice long sleep, when you feel warm and safe. However, for others, that is not the case. Your body tries to sleep, but your mind keeps you awake, turning into a sleepless night followed by another one.

Midnight can be a time when the world feels calm and quiet, but the voices in your head are the opposite. The voices of strangers might echo as you try to close your eyes to find peace. We have all had at least a night where the ghosts of our past, our mistakes, our earthquakes, our last train, our lost friends, and our love affairs have clouded our heads.


Midnight has the power to enhance and heighten a feeling. One person who is not a stranger to this feeling is singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. During the 2022 VMAs, while accepting the best long-form video of the year award for her short film All too well, she surprised fans by announcing her 10th studio album – Midnights. Set to be released on October 21. The songwriter was inspired by “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life,” as she described in her latest Instagram post.


You might not find the path to sleep because love and the idea of something real keep you up. Someone’s promise, smile, and best-laid plans are to blame for lack of sleep. Yet is it someone’s lies, betrayal, and break of trust that will keep you tossing and turning, making a peaceful sleep slip out of your reaches?


Taylor's Game 

She started a game as the years passed, and Swift’s career went up. Cause you know, she loves the players, and her fans love the game. Her music is all surrounded by clues, easter eggs, what is coming next, and what correlates. 

Being a Swiftie is like being in a real-life game of Clue -without the murder, of course. She throws hints, clues, secret messages, and mysterious and clandestine behavior that always adds up in the end.

Every announcement she makes starts conversations, theories, blogs, and questionaries. It is impossible not to notice the puzzle pieces to put together a picture. The big question that many fans are wondering is if Midnights are songs she recently wrote at night about her past, her previous beaten heart, and her life lessons. Or songs she wrote in her past at midnight. Is it a recollection of songs she has written alone in her room, or are all these feelings recent? For now, we must wait. The one thing that holds all the answers is the album itself. We must let the music speak for itself, and the lyrics will tell us all the things that lay in her mind at midnight.

Musical Genre

Fans are guessing what genre she is heading towards with this new record. She has been a country queen, a pop princess, and an alternative ruler.

From the beginning, she got on a train and got off at different music genre stops throughout her career. We now wonder which stop she decided to get off the train for Midnights. 


Personal Thought

In my own life, I am all about a feeling, a letter, a moment in time. I tend to overthink and let my mind create scenarios and storylines, which are always created at night. I know many relate, and if you relate to this feeling, you will likely find a piece of yourself in Midnights.

Meet me when the clock strikes twelve,

Meet me when you try to find yourself,

Meet me at midnight.


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