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Madison Beer Makeup Routine

Madison Beer Makeup Routine

In the makeup world, there are a million different routes to take. Each person has their own canvas and uses different techniques and styles to achieve their makeup desires. However, one makeup look that has always stood out to me is the beauty queen and singer Madison Beer.

Madison encompasses a glowy, radiant look with foxy eyes, juicy lips, and cheery pink cheeks. Her makeup is youthful and natural; even with multiple products on her face, her skin still peaks to showcase her natural beauty.

If you are anything like me and like to experiment with different makeup products and try different celebrity looks, today I will show you the products and steps to achieve makeup like Madison Beer.


Step 1 - Soap Brows


First, spray the soap and a spoolie brush with a setting spray, then rub the brush in the soap, then brush through your brows upward to make them full and fluffy. 


Step 2 – Skin Tint Foundation


Madison applies some skin tint on her hand and gently daps it on her face with a beauty blender. Skin tints are lighter in texture than foundation and have less coverage while evening out the skin tone to make it more cohesive.


Step 3  Concealer (Nars Creamy Concealer)


She applies two shades of the Nars Creamy Concealer in Custard and Ginger's shades. 

Custard Shade: Apply under the eyes and in the T-Zone. 

Ginger Shade: Used to cover any spots or blemishes on the skin. 

Like her foundation, she blends it in with a beauty blender.


Step 4 – Contour (Charlotte Tilbury Cream Contour Wand)


She applies two dots of contour under her cheekbones and three around the temples of the forehead and blends it in with the bottom of a beauty blender.


Step 5  Blush (Charlotte Tilbury Cream Blush Wand)


Madison loves blush; she once said, "My favorite product in makeup, period, is blush," she loves a rosy check that's cute and girly. She applies the cream blush on her cheeks and the tip of her nose and blends it to get that sun-kissed blushing girl look. 


Step 6 – Powder (Charlotte Tilbury Powder)


She applies powder with a brush in the areas where she has concealer, under her eyes, in her T-Zone, and over blemishes.


Step 7 – Bronzer (Fenty Beaty Bronzer)


Madison uses the Fenty Beauty bronzer in the shade Private Island to warm up, add more definition to the cheekbones, and lightly contour the nose to add more structure to her face.  


Step 8 – Blush again! (Fenty Beauty Blush)


Before, she applied a cream blush that was highly pigmented. Now, she finished her blush with the Fenty Beauty ginger binge and Moscow mule powder blush and lightly dusted it over her cheekbones because, according to Madison, you can never have too much blush.


Step 9 – Eyeshadow & Eyeliner (Morphe Madison Beer Channel Surfing Artistry Palette)


After setting concealer, adding powder, blush, and contouring, she moves on to her eyes. She uses her makeup palette with her collaboration with Morphe, uses the lightest shade called "White Rabbit," and applies it all over her lids with a MAC 224 brush. Then she uses a warm brown shade and, with the same brush, applies it to her crease while keeping the light shade on her lid. After her eyeshadow is done, she moves on to her eyeliner.


She uses the Morphe Madison beer small angled brush with brown eyeshadow in her inner corner; this elongates and darkens her inner corner giving her eye give that fox eyes look. Then to emphasize that foxy eye shape, she uses the same shade and brush to create a small wing to extend her outer corner. 

This technique is the key to the ultimate sexy foxy eye.


Step 10 – Highlighter (Charlotte Tilbury Highlighter Wand)


Madison applies two dots of highlighter on the top of her cheekbones right on top of her blush to add shine to her cheeks.


Step 11 – Mascara and Inner Corner Highlight (Glossier Lash Slick Mascara)


After applying the Lash Slick by Glossier mascara, she uses a small round brush and white eyeshadow on the inner corner to brighten the eyes. 


Step 12 – Lip liner (Charlotte Tilbury Lip Liner) 


For lips, Madison keeps them very neutral-toned while looking plump. She achieves juicy pouty lips by overlining them with the Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in the shade "Lip Cheat" or "Pillow Talk" and tops it off with the Ulta beauty juice-infused lip oil.


Step 13 – Setting Spray


She finished off her look with some the Caudalie Beauty Elixir setting spray.


Step 14 – Gold Hoops (A must for Madison)


However, although her makeup is complete, her finishing touch and final step to fully achieve the Madison beer look is to ensure you never leave your house without gold hoops, which is a must.

There she is, who is that girl in the mirror you wonder, well it is you! Become a glowy, bronzed, foxy-eyed goddess with juicy kissable lips! 

Be your own version of Madison Beer and try this makeup look. Who knows? This may be your new favorite look! 



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