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Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Are you the kind of person to buy gifts the day before Christmas? Or the one to open the book hours before a test? And do you wait until the last minute to get a Halloween costume?

You just got invited to a spooky party. The days are going by in the blink of an eye; October 31st is approaching. The zombies are leaving their graves; the full moon is calling the werewolves; the vampires are awakening from their coffins in search of fresh blood. It is time for a night of tricks and screams, so what do I wear now? However, do not drown yourself in worry. Many DIY last-minute affordable costumes are out there waiting for you, from iconic movie characters, sexy animals, decade looks, and more.

There are so many things you might already have. Complete the look with some simple yet very effective pieces to make you look scary hot on Halloween night.


Sexy Fairy - Tinkerbell

Get mystical and whimsical with a sexy fairy that will lead you to everyone's dreams at night as they fantasize over your wings and fairy dust you left behind as you dazzle your way through the party.

Complete Look:
Short green dress
Sparkly tights
Fairy wings

Wild Thoughts - Leopard Print

The animals are out tonight, you can't be tamed, and it is your night to be the wild queen that lives inside every woman.

Complete Look:
Cheetah print dress, shirt, and top, jumpsuit (any cheetah print clothing)
Brown or black (boots, heels, sneakers)
Cheetah ears headband
Cheetah Tale
Face stickers

Feeling 22 – Taylor Swift's "22" Music Video Look

All Swifties rise above! It feels like the perfect night to dress up like hipsters and make fun of your exes because I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22. Get the iconic 22 music video look by my fav blondie T-Swift.

Put on your crimson red lipstick, get your coming at your ex-energy and let everyone know you walked into the party.

Complete Look:
"Not a lot going on at the moment" T-Shirt
Red heart-shaped sunglasses
Black hat
Black. Booties or sneakers
Red lipstick (a must)

A Killer Night – The Purge

"This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual Purge. All crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 hours. All emergency services will be suspended. Your government thanks you for your participation."

Did you hear the announcement? The weapons are out, and masks are on because tonight is all about crime and sin. Make people move out of your way, or else… they don't want to know what happens if they don't.

Complete Look:
Led purge mask
Oversized white t-shirt
All black outfit
Sneaker or boots
Fake Weapon (baseball bat, machete, knife)
Fake blood


The crown is mine - Dead Prom Queen

Prom night went wrong. Instead of experiencing a fairytale night, it ended up in burning flames and splatters of blood, a Carrie moment is creeping in this Halloween, and you did not make it out of the party alive.

You won prom queen, and as the roses are handed to you and the crown is placed in your perfectly curled hair, you suddenly feel cold, a little too cold from a daydream to everyone's worst nightmare.

Get your karma on your enemies as you dress for revenge.

Complete Look: 
Crown or tiara
Prom queen sash
Nightgown or short dress
Fake blood
Heals or boots


Stayed in the 70's – Hippie Girl

Everyone moved on, but your soul stayed in the '70s. Peace signs and flower crowns are all you live for. Embody the hippie spirit, be free and keep calm this Halloween.

Complete Look:
High waist flare leg pattern pants
Round sunglasses
Peace sign jewelry
Crop top or tube top

Halloween is awaiting you. It has been sitting patiently for a year; it is ready to meet you under your costume and make you scream as it shows you your deepest and darkest fears. Time to get ready…

It is time to decide who you will become. Which costume will you be in?

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