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iPhone Aesthetics

iPhone Aesthetics

There are multiple places in this world where you can discard the ordinary and be creative in your fashion style, home décor, bedroom theme, and makeup looks. There are so many things you can do to let your creativity and aesthetic rule. And one of those places is indeed your mobile phone. 

Technology continues to evolve; social media grows daily, things are becoming more available online, and you can find everything and anything on your phone. It is your tool for communicating. You can FaceTime someone from across the world, look up anything on Google, have access to music and videos at any point of your day, find locations and top places to go, and it serves as an entertainment tool when there is nothing to do. Your phone will offer a thousand and one things to do or provide ideas for keeping yourself busy.

Your phone is always there for you, so be there for your phone and give it the look and aesthetic it needs.

Phone screens used to be boring, with just apps and one picture as wallpaper. It isn't anything special, but thanks to the new app Widgetsmith, you can fully customize your phone and make it uniquely yours. We all have different personalities, aesthetics, and likes. Take your own aesthetic and transfer it to your phone.

An aesthetically pleasing phone, does that sound like a dream? Here are a few aesthetics to customize your phone to match your true self!


Shades of Glitter and Blue

This aesthetic is all about a blue feeling mixed with dazzling glitter. A call at midnight, a night to remember, a romance book, a starry night, a bath of diamonds, a twirling Mirrorball, a letter never sent, and a deep blue ocean.




Light Meets Dark – Black and White

This aesthetic focuses on the absence of color, known as black and white—a combination of freedom and loneliness.

An endless record, drive-ins, walks in Paris, fashion magazines, vintage polaroid cameras, glitter looks, warm café shops, and a timeless clock make up this vintage black and white puzzle.



Pretty in Pink – Wait! More like Iconic in Pink

It's a pink icon paradise filled with pink ecstasy.

A champagne sea, playboy, a sweet vintage ride, a beauty icon, a burn book full of secrets, a 90’s film, a spray of perfume, a hint of Louis Vuitton, heart-shaded sunglasses, cotton candy sunsets, and neon signs.


Don't bother me! I'm busy customizing my phone, thank you!




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