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Gossip Girl New York Style Inspo

Gossip Girl New York Style Inspo

Good morning New Yorkers. You know it's me; it's your favorite Gossip Girl. You must be wondering how to fit in a place like New York. How to get the style and the look, how to become the moment, not a moment that passes by in a glance. New York has been around for a very long time. Fashion has roomed around the dirty yet glamorous streets of this big apple. A city that had been changing and evolving yet staying true to its essence. Do you want to be the next Queen B? Do you want to walk the streets and make people stop and stare? Do you want to dress like a New York City fashion icon? This shining city has many trending styles; however, I'm a classy girl. I stick to the originals, the things that never go out of style. Rumors come and go, conversations start and end, love affairs spark and die off, and my lipstick stain color is always different. Nothing is permanent but the New York City style.

What to wear, you ask? Do not worry, my darlings, cause today; I'm taking a break from keeping up with the life of the rich in New York. Today is all about you - well, me first obvi, then you. Today is your lucky day; pay attention to the following list to become a New York fashion icon. Clothes are more than pieces of fabric to cover our bodies. It represents who we are, who we like to become, or at least who we pretend to be.

New York City style is all about being classy but sexy, sophisticated but chic, and girly but edgy. Here are a few basics for the perfect wardrobe to answer all those questions you have been wondering. Well, I will answer all but one. Who am I? you ask. Well, I am… That's a secret I'll never tell. You know you love me, from yours truly... XOXO Gossip Girl.


Too Chic To Give A Damn!

Sleeveless dress with blouse. This look is a representation of chic and sophistication. The perfect look to walk down Fifth Avenue as if you owned the place because, with this look, you do.

The dress is classy, and the blouse adds a feminine touch that blends perfectly.

Pair this outfit with small hoop earrings or pearls. Stay away from chains and bulky necklaces, this will take away from the delicacy of this look. For shoe options, this look can vary from knee-high boots, booties, or heels.


 A Leather Moment In Time

Nothing screams New York City like a good leather combo. Leather can represent confidence, power, and strength.

A leather jacket, pants, and boots are necessary for your wardrobe. You can make many different outfits with each piece, and it just works every time. The more jewelry, the best with Leather. Gold tends to clash with leather jackets because many jackets have silver zippers and buttons, so match the color scheme with silver chains, hoops, and chunky rings.


Family Money Preppy Girl


Miss I come from family money. Miss preppy independent girly girl. New York has a place for the rebels without a cause and for the classy queens out there.

The perfect route to achieve this look is to wear a skirt with a turtle neck or long-sleeve top. The color scheme will be your choice. However, if you want a more polished, clean look, aim for colors like white, beige, and light brown. Keep it in neutral light colors, and you will achieve the style you were looking for.

For the final touch, as queens have crowns, the perfect preppy girls have headbands. Add a headband and simple jewelry, and the preppy girl is here to stay. 


 Be Bad Until It Makes It Good

Reflect New York's sexiness into your look. Only one step needed, short red dress, done. You can accessorize with a blazer, heels, purses, and jewelry. However, the eye-catcher will be the dress.

The most iconic color is red. Red is a statement that is bold and strong. Give the color the moment it deserves as you rule the city's streets that never sleep.


 "Black is Such A Happy Color" Look 

 No explanation is needed. Black blazer. Period. 



Well, that is my lesson for today, my lovelies. Own and lose yourself in fashion, and always remember you wear the clothes, not the other way around!

Until next time! XOXO


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