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Festival Outfits Ideas

Are You Ready For Coachella? - OH Fashion

Guess what time of year it is. This isn't just Spring; it's festival season! The time where being unique and different is essential while having fun with your friends covered in glitter and face stickers, wearing boots and crazy platforms, wearing just a bikini for an outfit because why not? It is all about extravagantly expressing yourself as you the experience unforgettable memories.

Music never stops, dancing is a must, pictures are an obvi, drinks keep being poured and the only thing for you to do is be wild and take your time to enjoy it simply because we all deserve some fun! 

However, are you attending multiple festival days? Are you running out of looks for each day? Or do you not have an idea of what to wear? 

Let me tell you about some looks that scream Coachella queen! We all have different styles, and it is essential to be yourself still even while dressing up for a festival. Wear something that represents who you are and what trends you like plus 100%, so you walk through Coachella with a drink in your hand, feeling like the IT girl.


 Boho Chic

Bohemian style is a fashion style strongly related to hippie fashion, in which natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals, and warm shades merge with 70s style accents and a flair for statement accessories.

If you appreciate Bohemian clothes and looks, this is the outfit for you.

To achieve a Boho Chic look,

  1. look for natural tones and fabrics.
  2. Wear loose clothing, nothing too tight, and something that flows
  3. Pair up your look with a belt
  4. Use bold accessories with crystals and or feathers
  5. Wear sunglasses, especially in the darkest of shades
  6. Always add a touch of leather to bring boho to your look
  7. When it comes to shoes, look for leather or suede flats, sandals, or boots.


These boots are made for walking! And that’s what you should do at Coachella!


Rule in Pink

Are you the girliest of girls? Is pink your favorite color? Do you love the feeling of glitter all over your body as you showcase the most feminine side of you? I am one of those girly gals, and this look will not disappoint you, I pinky promise!

 To achieve a Girly Look

  1. Wear a LOT of Pinks
  2. Add glitter tor stickers to your body
  3. Use as many accessories as possible, including necklaces, rings, and earrings
  4. Wear something on your hair, a tiara or a headband, something sparkly to add to your feminine look
  5. Wear sunglasses in lighter shades
  6. Use lipsticks or lip-glosses on the pink or nude palate

 Who Runs the World? You in this look!


Edgy in Black 

The badass look is one of my favorites. Black is a very flattering color with a hint of elegance and a drop of sexy. All black is also perfect for a festival.

 To achieve an Edgy Look

  1. Black Leather Leggings or Pants.
  2. Studded, Grommet, or Chain Detail Accessories.
  3. Shredded Denim.
  4. A Leather Jacket.
  5. A Little Grunge Dress (or Skirt)
  6. Rocker Chic Makeup.
  7. A Crop Top.

 Also, to get that edgy look is not just about wearing all black. The defining quality of people who are genuinely "edgy" is that they are risk-takers.

There is something so damn attractive about the edgy ones!


Cute and Casual

Sometimes less is more, and to be that girl at a festival; You do not need to wear the most extravagant look. Strip it down to casual but still look cute and put together.

A pair of nice pants and a casual top is a great casual outfit. A nice sundress is also a good option for casual attire. 

To achieve a Cute and Casual look.

  1. Wear some denim jeans or shorts
  2. Throw in a belt
  3. Wear tank tops, crop tops, or t-shirts
  4. Add sneakers
  5. Use a handbag or fanny pack instead of a small shoulder purse
  6. Add some jewelry for that festival look

 Who said Casual couldn’t be Cute?


Be the most extravagant version of you at this year's Coachella! 


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