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Clean Girl Aesthetic

Clean Girl Aesthetic

Have you heard of the clean girl aesthetic? Well, it's not just about makeup or fashion. It is a lifestyle, a look, a feel, and a trend that will never get old because it works.

Clean girls incorporate minimalistic outfits, neutral colors, slick hairstyles, and no makeup-makeup looks. This year the trends train that every once in a while makes a stop in a new location has decided to stop for some time in a clean, minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing world known on social media as the clean girl look.

The clean girl aesthetic is all about looking effortlessly fashionable. It is chic and casual. It's slick and cool, simple but not ordinary.

There are a few simple things to do to achieve the clean girl lifestyle.



Clean girl makeup is all about looking youthful, fresh, and glowy. This makeup look focuses more on skin care.

~ Use products like sunscreen, moisturizers, and primers to look dewy and radiant.

~ Keep the foundation to a minimum, or use light coverage. The more your skin peaks through, the more natural you will look.

Never forget blush. By adding blush to your cheeks and nose, you will look like you are naturally blushing and create a sweet youthful blushing girl look.

Use neutral lipstick colors, stick to nude and top it off with gloss to make your lips juicy.

For your eyes, keep them clean with some light eyeshadow and mascara. However, a wing could clash with the simple, delicate look.

Wear only a little makeup, highlight your features, and you are done. Clean girl makeup complete.


Minimalistic fashion is a must. It's all about less is more. For now, avoid all the glitz and glam for this look. It is all about the beauty in simplicity. Avoid patterns and intense colors like neon.

The best colors to wear are white, beige, grey, nude, brown, and black.

Outfit examples:

~White bodysuit, denim jeans, white boots or sneakers, gold jewelry, sunglasses on the top of your head, white jacket or blazer, small handbag.
This look is casual because you are wearing jeans, but it is elevated by adding the details of gold from the jewelry and the elegance of a blazer and the bodysuit.

~Grey High waist belted pants, white crop top, sneakers, small handbag, gold jewelry, tiny sunglasses.

~Neutral matching sweatpants pair with little to no prints, long blazer, baseball bat, sneakers, crossbody, gold hoops.

~Little black dress, black tights, platform heels, small clutch, silver jewelry.

There are many ways to incorporate clean girl fashion, and the best part is you probably already own more than you think to start this aesthetic. Keep it sharp and clean; your look will be cool and collected. Very chill yet stylish.


It is best to keep this look slick— show off your beautiful face.

Play with different hairstyles, all slicked back, from a ponytail, bun, or braid.



Jewelry can elevate a look, make it stand out, and complete a look together. If an outfit feels incomplete is mainly because there is jewelry missing from the equation. No matter how comfy or classy you plan on dressing, throw some jewelry on; trust me, honey.


Clean girl aesthetic complete! 






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