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Bedroom Aesthetics

Bedroom Aesthetics - OH Fashion

Your bedroom It's the one place in the world where you can make it your own, you can customize it in any way you want, and no one can criticize you for it. A place where you can express yourself creatively and artistically.

Tastes and aesthetics vary from person to person. Here are five-bedroom aesthetic themes that you can incorporate into your own sanctuary as you make it yours.

I'm constantly changing my rooms, so finding themes can be difficult, but here are five to get you started.


Hot Girl Summer – Beach Room

Do you love the beach? Are you a sucker for sand in your toes, the smell of salt from the water, and the sound coming from the waves as they meet the shore? Is a day at the beach your number one thing on your list? If the beach is your place, you do not always have to go to the beach; bring the beach to your room. 

 You may think to yourself, how do I make my room a beach aesthetic? Here are a few things you should get

 Décor List

  • Stay in the blue color palette
  • Make your bed sheets white or blue
  • Beach/summer Collage kit for your walls
  • Use prints with palm trees, the beach, summer drinks, anything summer-related
  • Add as much blue as possible
  • Beach or coastal themed bedding
  • Beach art
  • Beach style wall hooks
  • Decorative pillow covers
  • Sea wall decor
  • Ocean or beach themed curtains


On Wednesday We Wear Pink – Pink room

Is Regina George’s room from mean girls what you wanted your room to be when you were younger? For me, it was, and to create an aesthetic like it, you need one thing- pink! Pink is one of the best colors, hands down. It is femininity at its best. Gentle and soothing, pink is the color of love. This aesthetic embodies that cool fashionista girl.

Décor List

  • Fashion Art
  • Place magazines on bed stands or desks
  • Pink aesthetic Collage kit for your walls
  • Add a Blush Pink Headboard
  • Be Bold
  • Add Pink Linens
  • Consider Pink Curtains or pink rugs
  • Add a big statement mirror
  • Contrast pink with white
  • Use gold pieces like frames or lamps


One with Nature – Plant Room 

Nature lover? Okay, here is your section. A plant room aesthetic is very peaceful and cozy; it is light and airy. Using plants and light colors brightens up your house and will create a very relaxing environment. Creating a room with natural feels is simple. Here are a few things you will need.

Décor list:

  • Add as many plants as possible (They can also be fake plants)
  • Stay in the green and beige palate with some whites
  • Use a white bed sheet
  • Hang fairy lights
  • Invest in a textured blanket
  • White or beige rug
  • Add some books
  • Nature frames
  • Wood pieces such as lamps or frames
  • Do not forget to add brown to furniture pieces


Black and White Room

A black and white room can be very elegant or very edgy. It is the perfect blend between darkness and light. Black is a very strong color, dark, and sexy. In contrast to white being so pure, and light.

The beauty in darkness. Does it sound like the perfect room for you? Check out the list below!

What’s most important in this room aesthetic is not too much black and not too much white. To create this look, you must include both colors without one completely dominating the other.

Décor List:

  • Create a black and white picture collage on the wall
  • Either paint your wall black and add a white bed sheet or the other way around
  • Add magazines and books
  • Hang frames and portraits
  • White curtains
  • Black rug
  • Stay in the dark palette for frames and lamp colors.


Living in the 80’s – Retro Room

I was not around in the 80s, but I honestly wish I was; however, let’s bring back the past into the future and create a creative and artistic Retro/ 80’s inspired room.

 Décor List:

  • A Poster wall is key
  • Use colors like red, mustard, purple, and green
  • Add as many colors as possible
  • Stay away from pastel colors
  • Stick vinyls to the wall
  • A record player is a must
  • Add cd’s and books
  • If you have any instruments, make sure to display them
  • Neutralize the colors with a white bed sheet
  • White rug
  • Use some color for the curtains
  • Add polaroids and pictures
  • Make it fun!


New Room, Who Dis?

Written by: Andrea Rivas

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