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Alix Earle Makeup Products

Alix Earle Makeup Products

A new year, a new star is upon us. A new blonde bombshell with blue eyes, who lives in Miami and shares get-ready with me makeup videos; if you know, you know, for all my Tik Tok girlies, you know who I'm talking about. The new IT girl herself, Alix Earle. Every now and then, a new girl takes over everyone's For You page and rises to social media fame. Today is Alex's time to shine since everyone talks about this stunning college girl living her best life in Miami.

Alix shares many fashion videos and makeup tutorials on her Tik Tok page, such as "help me pick out an outfit" or "get ready to go out."

For those obsessed with her makeup, here is a list of products she uses to achieve a youthful, glowy look.

The infamous NYX White Eyeliner

An Alix Earle makeup look would not be complete without white eyeliner. She mainly uses it in the water line of the lower lashes. Using white eyeliner instead of typical black brightens your eyes and makes them look bigger.

Giorgio Armani Foundation

For foundation, she uses the luminous silk foundation by Giorgio Armani. This foundation feels light but covers enough to get a complete, polished look while looking glowy and dewy.


Tarte Concealer

Concealer makes a massive difference in a completed makeup look. For concealer, Alix uses Tarte concealer in the shape tape. If you want to brighten your eye area, apply concealer under your eyes, blend, blend, blend, and you're done.


Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

If you ever read Alix's Tik Tok comments, you will find many people asking what she uses for her eyelashes. Look no more since I'm here to reveal her technique to the perfect sexy spider legs lashes. Alix first curls her lashes and then applies the better-than-sex mascara. That is it; that's the secret to the ideal long and voluminous lashes.

Rare Beauty Liquid Blush

Have you ever noticed Alix always looks like she's blushing? She has the perfect rose checks that give off cold girl makeup. That is because she uses the Rare beauty liquid blush in Happy and Hope shades. Compared to powder blush, Liquid blush is more pigmented, adding more rose pink to your checks.


Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Look like a Miami beach girl with this Hoola bronzer from Benefit. Alix always looks tan because of this amazing bronzer. She tends to apply it to her cheeks, forehead, and jawline. Always look like you spent a day at the beach with Alix.


Dior Lip Glow Oil

For her lips, Alix stays away from matte lips. She always has glossy lips. Achieve the look with the Dior lip glow oil to finish your makeup looking juicy af.

We all have our makeup looks; however, if you are anything like me and like to switch your makeup routine to try new looks, perhaps give Alix Earle's makeup routine a shot.

Turn up the heat with this Miami girl look as you recreate your version of her makeup!

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