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After Films

After Films

The idea of young love sounds very appealing to most. We have heard this story being told through generations. The good girl with a gentle heart falls in love with the bad boy in a leather jacket carrying a suitcase of burdens from his past.

It is inevitable for the purest of hearts to be drawn to the darkest of minds. The idea of fixing someone, grabbing a thread and needle, and stitching someone to heal them into a calm soul can become someone's life goal.

The boy sees a glass half full, an endless staircase that leads nowhere, a dark room with no light peeking through the windows. Long story short, they feel  nothing but a lost cost.

Many stories showcase a tumultuous, toxic love affair full of passion and the kind of heartbreak time could never mend. One more story that started in the warm pages of a book is called After.

The tale of Tessa Young (Josephine Langford) an organized, straight-A student, intelligent and educated, guarded and quiet, finds love in complicated Hardin Scott ( Hero Fiennes Tiffin) A boy who grew up too fast with the chains of an alcoholic father and a lonely childhood. The two are different, yet the same. She changed her world to enter his as he questioned how he viewed life.

They both altered every plan they made. Now, their only plan is to find real, raw love with each other. Not temporary, one that no matter what occurs, no obstacle will ever break the bonds and the invisible string that has been connecting them with every breath they took and every step they made.


After - April 12, 2019


The first film adaptation is where Tessa and Hardin meet. Most unusually, when someone would least expect it, they find each other and begin to see parts of themselves they never knew existed. At first, annoyance and attitude lurked around the two. However, the more encounters, the more words spoken, the more looks, the deeper their connection grew. A young college love began to form, they both opened the door for love and affection, and it moved in quickly, without any hesitation. However, love is not the only feeling that moved in; doubt and secrecy began to step in. It stayed when it wasn’t welcomed and asked to leave numerous times. Just when you think you found something real, it all turns out to be nothing but a hoax: a lie and a challenge. Tessa finds herself betrayed and blindsided by Hardin, left alone questioning if his feelings are authentic.  

Tessa was left broken as he did the only thing he could do and said one of the hardest words to speak: sorry. The audiences are left wondering where the following chapter begins or if there will be more to them.

Will Tessa find forgiveness? Will Hardin change his complicated ways? Or will it end in at least one broken heart? Tessa had her life planned before him; now, as time dragged on, she only has after.



After We Collided - October 23, 2020


The multimillion-dollar question is still pending, will they get back together? Some guessed it, some questioned it, and others knew it would naturally occur because it is hard to get out when you are so deep. Your memory will remind you of what you want, and your mind will remind you of what is right.

In After We Collided, Tessa followed her memory and heart and gave Hardin a second chance. However, their relationship is far from peaceful. At times is loving and safe, but when pain is the only guest at the party, Hardin and Tessa wonder if it is worth the sacrifice, the struggle, and the tears. Their love is like a boomerang; even when they throw it far away and let it go, it keeps coming back to them at some point.

Their story gets deeper as family influences get in the way, and Tessa finds some hard truth about her past.


After We Fell - September 30, 2021


After We Fell brings more desire, tears, laughs, and goodbyes. It is a continuation of their lives, their decisions, involving now some real-life problems. It is not about navigating through your first love, or freshman year of college, waiting to say "I love you" to someone when the time feels right or being shaken to death waiting for the person to say it back. The film dive in-depth into marriage, family problems, addiction, infertility, the fear, and excitement of moving away, and wondering what someone is genuinely looking for and what they are willing to do to get there. The back and forth, broken promises, get-love quick schemes haunt them at night. When they fell in love, did they skip the love aspect and only fell and break? Perhaps.

Every scene of the film will tell more of each other's heads and their reasons for fighting each and every war. In the previous film, Tessa finds out a life-changing truth; now, it gives Tessa a minute to breathe while taking Hardin with it this time. 


After Ever Happy - September 7, 2022


After Ever Happy sounds like a happy film with a happy ending, right? Well, think again. As of right now there is no sight of a happily ever after for Hardin and Tessa. Once again, everything is perfectly fine, they are driving down a road together, and all is right in the world. However, it begins to pour until it becomes impossible to see the road ahead. They eventually slip off the road and are left in a scattered mess, alone to pick up the pieces. However, a heart can only take so much, a man can only take so much pain, and a woman can only have so much patience.

When they crashed, they lost each other, and Hardin took the guilt and sent Tessa away for his mistakes. However, no matter how hard he tries, he can't stay away. Just like magnets, he is drawn to her, and his first chance turns into a second, third, and hundredth chance that Tessa battles once more if she should leave the relationship as a could have been but never remained.

Time passed, they changed, distance stood between them, and love remained alongside cold secrets. No matter the fights and breakups, he has faith. For once in his life, he has faith that she will board his train, which will forever be unstoppable. Now it is time to know does, Tessa still have faith. We must wait to see their path's end or perhaps the beginning.

Do you think they make it after everything? Or was it all lost faith?


"Whatever our souls are made of, hers and mine are the same." - Hardin Scott




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