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A Night at The Taylor Swift Eras Tour

A Night at The Taylor Swift Eras Tour

On April 13th (AKA: Taylor's lucky number,) I went on a date with Taylor Swift at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, wait, correction, Taympa! After months of waiting and going through the great war with Ticketmaster, I made it to the most awaited shows in history.

I only dream of nights like the Eras Tour. This show was a recollection of Taylor's eras and a tribute to her previous albums while introducing her new work. This tour feels so personal, and I felt more connected to Taylor because her show was a physical memory of the eras and music, I fell in love with all those years ago while I was dancing in my bedroom. ( I'll expose myself now, with pictures of me throughout the years.)

The Eras Tour was rare like the glimmer of a comet in the sky, it was enchanting and a marvelous time. It made me feel happy, it made me feel like the man, and it made me feel bejeweled. Dancing all night, singing every song as we left this world and entered the Eras as we stepped down memory lane one era at a time.


I still cant believe i took this picture, like what?

When Taylor announced the tour last year, she promised fans this tour would be a journey through past and present musical eras of her career. Taylor kept her promise and paid a special tribute to that 16-year-old Taylor in country boots and the pop queen she has become.

The show is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes, singing around 44 songs broken up into different sections representing each era, starting with the Lover era and finishing off strong with the newest Era, Midnights. The show is structured like a theater play, with Taylor, the dancers, and the set design changing to match each era. After one era is done, the whole show shifts to introduce the next one.


The Eras show is a visual representation of the wonders of the Taylor Swift world, or should I say the world (Taylor's version.) It combines all the music and eras that have made her who she is today as an artist and, most importantly, as a person.

For my look, I struggled with what era to become for that memorable night. However, after many nights tossing and turning, trying to decide what album aesthetic I wanted, I came up with the conclusion of being a live version of Midnights. I relate so much to this album; I believe in karma, love shimmers, and being bejeweled, and I tend to wake up every night around midnight and stare at the ceiling just thinking. I knew Midnights was perfect for me.


Since I chose Midnights, I knew I had to recreate the bejeweled music video look. However, I didn't want a replica, just my version of Taylor's outfit. After a lot of rhinestones, glue, and many hours I finished my corset and packed my things to drive from Orlando to Tampa for the show.


Remember the lyrics "I can still make the whole place shimmer"? Well, I sure did because my outfit was the definition of extra plus tax and shipping. I was from head to toe covered in rhinestones, in my hair, eyeshadow, sparkly gloves, corset, a mesh skirt, oh yes, I was wearing a crown, for Christ's sake! So, if I can say so myself, I polish up real nice! 


I got ready in a hotel nearby; not gonna lie, I made a few Tik Tok's, and then me and my tissues that I knew I would need made it to the stadium. How did I end up on the floor, anyway, you say? I fought with Ticketmaster and reached the area closest to the main stage. It has been days, but I'm still recovering. 

When I arrived at the stadium, there were over 75 thousand people, from boys and girls to kids and adults. It was anyone of any age. Each fan was so devoted and creative in representing each Taylor Swift era. Not one costume was the same, but they all related uniquely to Taylor.


Now the moment everyone is always waiting for is the surprise song section. This part of the show is when Taylor sings two surprise songs on the piano and guitar from any era she chooses. For my show, Taylor started this segment by saying she has been thinking a lot about one particular album and wanted to play the title track; she sang the song Speak Now! Fans are so speculating she hinted at the next re-recording, but honestly, with Taylor and her Easter eggs, we will never know for sure. The next surprise song, which took me back to middle school, she sang Treacherous from her Red album. This part of the show sent me to my funeral, I was not ready for it, 

Now let's talk merch. There is a long talk amongst the Swifties that merch can take up to several hours to purchase. However, I got my merch in under 10 minutes, I arrived at the show about one hour before the concert started, and I noticed the merch line to be short, so I took my shoot and got some eras goods and memorabilia. Since then, I have not taken off my Taylor sweater. 


I have been blessed enough to see Taylor 4 times. Although each of her tours is iconic and truly spectacular, The Eras Tour blew my mind. It made me feel nostalgic because while she performed her older eras, like Speak Now and Fearless, I remembered when I first listened to those songs when I was only a kid. Now, as a 20-year-old in college, that moment singing with her made me remember that little girl who fell in love with Taylor years ago.

As a proud Swiftie who danced like she's 22 and shaked off the players and haters, I wish for everyone to be able to experience the marvelous adventure of The Eras Tour.


Now, I will be real and show you my post-concert mood, post-crying, post-hair, and makeup after hours at an open ceiling stadium in the Florida humidity. 


Unfortunately, after months of waiting, the show is over, and I'm left with only post-concert depression. 


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