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A Cozy Autumn Home

A Cozy Autumn Home

Rust-colored cozy heaven with dreams of fallen leaves and pumpkin spice. A time of cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, and seasonal treats. Have you guessed it yet? The fall season has once again returned to our homes, our outfit choices, and our Starbucks coffee orders.

Since August slipped away into a moment in time, it is time for autumn lovers everywhere to rise. As summer begins to pack up its high temperatures and bathing suits, fall brings a suitcase full of cozy fashion choices. These include sweaters, jeans, boots, with navy blue and burgundy colors. The suitcase also contains pumpkin spice coffee that will rule your mornings and fall movies you can't miss.

Autumn arrives in September, and decorating your home is one of the key steps to bringing the season into your life.

The list below includes numerous decorations you can use to transform your home into a cozy fall haven.


Table Runner  & Place Mats

Upgrade from a regular table cover to a table runner for a more sophisticated, delicate look. With the table runner, some placemats, and a centerpiece, your table is ready for fall.

Choose plaid designs with pumpkins and maple leaves for a touch of farmhouse style.


Tabletops & Centerpieces

One rule of decorating is always adding a centerpiece to tables. It is an excellent way for a space to look complete and not feel empty. I have mentioned leaves and candles being a great addition to autumn, so how about we combine them into a centerpiece for your dining room table? It screams fall to me. 


Wooden Two-Tier Tray



 A two-tier tray, made of rustic wood enhances your fall look. Display 3D Halloween and farmhouse décor on the tray. Perfect for a kitchen island or table décor. 



There is nothing that brings coziness and ambiance than candles. Candles have the power to create a romantic and haunting aura by providing dim lights and fragrances.

If you prefer to be safe and save time having to lit every candle daily, battery-operated candles will do the trick without playing with fire.


Pumpkin Spice Décor

Remember, pumpkin spice is here to stay for fall. Honor it with these fall wood signs, used for tiered tray decorations, fall harvest table signs, and thanksgiving pumpkin decorations.

Place these on your kitchen counter or next to your coffee machine, and a small piece of autumn will live in your kitchen.


Fall Themed Dishes 

It may be different for you, but I believe dishes are the most important part of a kitchen. Imagine you just made the most delicious meal; you'll need the prettiest dishes for enjoying the masterpiece about to be devoured. 


Autumn Print Pillows & Blankets  

Elevate your living room by adding fall-themed pillows and blankets. This will complete the cozy feel of fall.


Pumpkins ( Obvi! )

The award for the number one fall piece goes to … pumpkins. Pumpkins are a crucial component of fall. Get a set of pumpkins of different sizes and shapes and display them around your home. This is the last step that will complete this fall décor guide. 


It is time for leaves to fall down like pieces into place.



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